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Individual Ticket

The Sea Awaits You!

Are you ready to embark on a unique maritime adventure with new friends? Book your individual ticket and get ready to explore the beauty of the endless blue, sharing the joy of the sea with fellow lovers of maritime adventure.

Yacht Private

Your World, Your Yacht!

Are you looking for the ultimate luxury trip for your family, a party, bachelor party, reception, or even the most beautiful day of your life? Book the Yacht Private and enjoy complete privacy and luxury aboard a 21-meter yacht. Plan your adventure exactly as you desire, on a ship that caters to your every wish.

Private Inflatable Boat

Your Independent Adventure!

For those who desire a more adventurous experience in crystal-clear waters, the Private Inflatable Boat is the ideal choice. Enjoy independence and absolute freedom to explore the coasts and hidden spots of your destination with a 7.5-meter inflatable boat that is entirely at your disposal.